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Great advice from knowledgeable staff with awesome backup from one of the industry's most experienced pool chemical suppliers. Full range of PoolWise and SpaWise chemicals balance and treatment chemicals in stock. 


Computerised water testing providing you with clear instructions giving you the information needed to confidently treat your own pool.


Important pool treatment chemicals include:

Alkalinity:- Alkalinity level is important as this holds PH in place. Low PH causes Acidic water while high PH is Scale forming.

PH:- Low PH causes Acidic water which can corrode machinery and pool surfaces. High PH can be lead to scale forming on surfaces and this can burn out of heater elements due to hot spots.

Chlorine:- Chlorine is needed to keep water healthy by sanitising the water, killing off bacteria and algae growth. Without a correct chlorine level, a pool will quickly turn green.

Cyanuric Acid:- Cyanuric Acid is basically a sun block for chlorine, without it the chlorine will be burnt away before it can sanitise the pool water

Calcium Hardness:- Water loves calcium and will pull it out of any surface, low calcium will result in staining and deteriorating the pool surface whereas high calcium will cause cloudy water and coating of surfaces and pipework. Correct calcium levels also provide a more comfortable swimming sensation.


We can offer advice to assist with any pool problems including major out of balance chemistry, green pool cleanup, acidic pools and staining.


Davis Electrics, Pumps & Pool Care is your one stop shop for electrical services, pumps, and all your pool supplies including - pool equipment, pool water testing and chemical supplies.


Pool cleaning equipment and accessories also available including Automatic and Robotic Pool Cleaners.