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We carry out all types of Swimming Pool Servicing and Spa Pool Servicing including Green Pool Clean Up.

Most green pools can be recovered back to blue after a good clean and water balance.

Green Pool clean up is not instantaneous and will take several visits.

First step is checking all equipment is operating correctly.
Next we need the pool water level as high as possible,
Then a blind scoop (and possibly blind vacuum) of debris from bottom is performed,
Next we check water balance and raise the PH before shock dosing and floccing(when needed).
Then we wait for pool to clear before vacuuming to waste (while topping up pool level)
When pool is clean and clear we balance pool water to expected levels

Even though our base is in the Takanini, Papakura area of South Auckland, our technicians cover all of the greater Auckland area and further south into Pukekohe and Franklin areas.