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With over 50 years combined experience in the pool industry we are able to provide pool care and advice from a servicemen’s perspective to aid in extending the life of your pool equipment. We are one of the only pool companies with our own electricians and repair workshop to take care of all your repairs “in-house”.


Onsite we can assess all equipment and machinery and provide advice on any repairs or service required.In our workshop we can set up most swimming and spa pool equipment on our tanks to allow us to wet test units through several cycles of operation. We also have a swimming pool available to test any pool vacuums.


Our chemical team can advise needs to creating and keeping a good water balance. We can also assist in green pool clean ups.We offer both full valet service and our “Monthly Pool Care Service” which is a 4 weekly onsite water balance and machinery assessment.


Water testing and quality Poolwise chemicals are available from our showroom.


Davis Electrics, Pumps & Pool Care is your one stop shop for electrical services, pumps, and all your pool supplies including - pool equipment, pool water testing and chemical supplies


Even though our base is in the Takanini, Papakura area of South Auckland, our technicians cover all of the greater Auckland area and further south into Pukekohe and Franklin areas